Social Media Initial Setup

In order for Promo Social Post to publish posts to your social media channels you need to give us permission to do so for your Facebook Company Page, Instagram Account and LinkedIn Company Page. We offer the follow guides no how to grant these privileges:

If you have either X or Personal LinkedIn Account, you will need to provide us with your login credentials by calling (650) 966-7810 x2. We will keep your information strictly confidential and only use it to publish posts to your account(s).

Unfortunately we are not able to publish to a Facebook Personal Page, but can create your Facebook company page at no additional charge.

Email Marketing Initial Setup

Please follow the instructions in the "Getting Started - Email Marketing" guide below. The other two guides will be completed afterwards. If you have any questions or would prefer us to walk you through the process, please call (650) 966-7810 x2.

Other Resources