Promo Social Post was established with the aim of enabling promotional distributors to have an effortless, professional marketing presence for their company at a reasonable price point. Our founder started in the promotional business as a distributor, just like you, in 2005. As someone in our industry, he knows it takes many hours to brainstorm, design, and publish a month's worth of social media posts. Monthly email newsletters may take longer, even though they are sent just once a month. For small to midsize distributorships, there often is not enough time to publish multiple posts per week to social media... even monthly newsletters are a challenge to send on a consistent basis. Having a reliable marketing campaign keeps your name front and center, so when the time comes for your customers or prospects to order promos, they will think of your company.

Promo Social Post makes creating and maintaining your marketing campaigns easy and effective. Simply decide if you want to have a professional social media presence, a quality monthly email newsletter, or both and sign up. After a brief onboarding process, we do all of the work for you so you can focus on selling and/or running your business.