Social Media Publishing Service

Publish to  three times/week

Both images & videos are published

Customized with a link that opens your website to the advertised product*

Each week has a different theme

Product specials from participating suppliers

*Must use Distributor Central, ESP/Logomall or Sage/PromoPlace for your search engine on your website. Otherwise link will open your home page.



How Much Does It Cost?

Yearly subscription $600 ($50/month)

Monthly subscription $60

Cancel anytime with 15 days written notice

Price includes publishing to 4 social accounts


How Do I Sign Up?

Click HERE or call (650) 966-7810

Follow our instructions guiding you how to give us permission to publish to your account(s)

Sit back & relax while we publish to your account(s) three times a week



See Our Posts In Action!

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