Promo Social Post (PSP) provides distributors with digital marketing services. This enables them to focus on selling promotional products and running their business while PSP keeps their distributorship top of mind. The two services offered are:

  • Social media publishing to 
  • Email marketing campaigns


By partnering with PSP, suppliers have the opportunity to advertise products directly to the end users who pay for promotional products. The end user audience is significant:

  • Social media publishing
    • Hundreds of distributors pages receive three posts per week
    • Combined followers in excess of 100,000 end users
  • Email marketing campaigns
    • Two email campaigns per month sent to over 20,000 end users

If the end users have any questions or would like to place an order, they have to contact their distributor. The client will never know who the supplier is or the product numbers. 


We do not charge suppliers to start advertising products to end users, but we have the following requirements:

  • Social media publishing
    • Products must be listed in two of the three major databases: ASI, Distributor Central, and/or Sage
    • Provide the content of the post (video or image)
    • Give distributors who subscribe to the service EQP pricing or some other discount if you do not give EQP to distributors 
  • Email marketing Campaigns
    • Products must be listed in all three of the major databases: ASI, Distributor Central, and/or Sage
    • Provide the item name and number for the products to be advertised
    • Give a free setup along with EQP pricing or some other type of discount to the distributors only for product advertised IF it is ordered by the end of the month


To inquire about participating, please email or call (650) 966-7810 x101.

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