Supplier Email Campaigns


Promo Social Post offers supplier email campaign services to reach tens of thousands of distributors throughout North America. Here are the top 5 reasons to send email campaigns through our service:

  • Your first campaign is free!!!
  • Our email list is fresh, with over 23,000 contacts
  • You will receive a report of all recipients who clicked on the email
  • We provide the analytics of campaigns so you can see how successful they are
    • Open rates typically exceeds 25%
    • Click rates range from 1-7% (yes, some suppliers consisently get 4-7%)
  • Sending emails to a different contacts list enables you to reach distributors that have not been receiving your messaging

The first email campaign for each supplier is offered at no charge, and subsequent campaigns may be purchased in the following packages:


# of Campaigns Time Frame Price/Campaign Total Price* Savings**
1 1 Month $250 $250 n/a
3 3 Months $225 $675 $75
6 6 Months $200 $1,200 $300
12 1 Year $175 $2,100 $900
24 1 Year $140 $3,360 $2,640
52 2 Years $100 $5,200 $7,800

*Ads are paid for upfront & must be used within the specified time frame    **Savings based on comparison to purchasing one ad at a time


Suppliers will also receive one or more free ads in our quarterly supplier offers campaigns sent to distributors, as well as having the ad featured on our website for three months.

# of Campaigns # of Free Ads*
1-3 1
6 2
12 or more 4

* Free ads are done in consecutive quarters

Would you like to see what the email campaigns look like?

Fill out the form below to have two sample email campaigns sent to you. The first campaign has one custom image in it while the second campaign has three custom images.

To get started, purchase the desired number of campaigns in the selection box below. PayPal will open, so you can login to your account or simply click the "Pay with debit/credit card" button. You can also contact us at or (650) 966-7810 x101.

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