Subscriber Testimonials



We have tried other services in the past few years and no one has really "gotten us" nor provided social media posts in a style we are happy and confident in representing our company.  Outsourcing our social media publishing to Promo Social Post is one of the best decisions we made at the beginning of the year - 2022.  Their posts are professional and compelling giving our company an amazing presence on social media.  We especially love the video posts and more importantly our followers do as well.  The best part of the service is that you sign up and they do the rest.  This frees up our time to focus on selling and servicing our clients.


Deborah, Kenyon Enterprises, LLC

One of the most economical services specializing in product content within the promotional products industry.  Their content is flexible, informative, and eye catching on all social media platforms.  I was so happy that I met Greg Blumstein, even in the height of the pandemic, his customer service and knowledge is second to none.


William, JW's Wholesale

My company has been a subscriber to Promo Social Post since the beginning of the year << January, 2021 >> and I am very pleased with the service.  Their posts are both professional and on target.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I know a new post will be published like clockwork.  I highly recommend this service to any distributor looking for a top notch social media presence.


Regina, Doctor Promo

Greg has been very easy to work with at Promo Social Post.  The published posts are very professional and he picks great topics each week.  This gives me and my customers lots of good ideas to promote our businesses.  The service is a great value for the price.


Joe, ImageMart


I wanted to express to you and your team our COMPLETE satisfaction with your work on our LinkedIn page and also the quick integration of our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  This has all taken a load off me and I can do what I need to be doing, selling and running a business!  Your technical expertise and advice helped us to stand above many of our competitors and “put us in the big leagues”.  Happy to have you as a business partner and appreciate the value in this investment..


Derrell, Branded 1st

I can't wait to read our posts from Promo Social Post each week!  I used to dread looking at our dormant Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Now we have unique, timely and on-target posts that are consistent and professional!  I believe my clients are starting to look forward to them just as I am.  Great business decision!


Becky, Image Ad Specialties

Promo Social Post saves time and provides a professional social media presence for my company.  Having posts published three times a week makes our social media presence on par with much larger distributorships.  Without hesitation, I recommend Promo Social Post to distributors looking for an affordable way to outsource social media.


Doug, Carson Solutions